Anna Jones

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Laguna Beach, CA

Anna Jones

If you’re someone who needs support, understanding, validation, authenticity, and wise counsel then you’ve come to the right page. If you’ve decided to seek help and explore what you truly need then we’ve got this! If you know in your heart that you value hope and that change is possible, I truly connect to your heart and desire to help you in this journey.

I’ve helped many tackle a variety of concerns yet my clinical focus has been eating disorders, addictions, dual diagnosis, and how this impacts self and relationships. I’ve worked at almost every level of care that’s exposed me to many tools to help meet your needs. I utilize an integrative client-centered approach for adolescents, adults, couples, families.

I believe wholeheartedly that you have value and were created with purpose. My hope is that you take this step to find the right therapist for you. If you honor me with the opportunity to get to know you, I will do my best to support you and utilize my skills to meet your therapeutic needs and goals

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