Cognitive Assessments

The first step to managing your brain health is to measure it

Quantify core aspects of your brain health using a set of fun, gamified, and scientifically-validated cognitive tasks.

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Objectively Measure Your Cognitive Function

Mental health and mood disorders are intrinsically linked to core aspects of cognitive function that are key to your quality of life—understand how these disorders are affecting your cognition by completing a cognitive assessment.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your brain health, which will be used to individualize treatment plans
  • Re-assess your cognition through treatment to objectively measure improvements
  • Continue monitoring post-treatment to ensure you’re maintaining a level of cognitive function that enables you to live your best life

How does it work?

Using a tablet, desktop or laptop computer, you’ll take a series of quick, fun, and engaging tasks that have been validated to measure your memory, concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities—all core areas of cognition that may be affected by a mental health condition.

How will results be used?

Results for each task you complete will indicate where you stand relative to others in your age group. Over time, and as you progress through treatment, you’ll begin to see performance trends so that you can objectively evaluate how treatment is affecting you. Your healthcare professional will use this information during intake to ensure they target the right areas during treatment, and then re-assess periodically to measure progress.

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